With the appointment of the President Prof. Andrea Costanzo as "focal person" for the organization of the 1st Global Road Safety Week, the SOC.I.TRA.S. - Italian Society of Traumatology of the Road, through its associated companies and partners in Italy, will help in many forms, together with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport, the event which will mark the year 2007 on the issue of road safety.


The Assembly of the United Nations was established in October 2005, the Global Road Safety Week, with the aim of improving road safety in the countries that are part of it .
The Week is configured then, in the intentions of the UN, as an historic opportunity to bring to the attention of the citizens of all countries the issue of injuries from road accidents .
The week will focus on "young road users", between the ages of 0 and 25 years and will take place between 23 and 29 April 2007 .
It is expected that in the course of it, all over the world , hundreds of initiatives are implemented at the local, national and continental, organized by state and local governments, public and private institutions , associations, foundations and those who are striving to road safety.
The slogan of the week will be, as on the occasion of World Health Day 2004, " Road Safety is no accident" , translated as "The incident is not inevitable", but who agrees to be understood as "Road safety means no accident."
A key element of the Week will be the World Youth Assembly for Road Safety , to be held in Geneva 23 to 24 April 2007. It will intervene youth representatives from all countries, in order to develop a specific " Resolution on Road Safety" and define the ways in which they can solicit, in their respective countries , actions aimed at road safety.
The hope is that the events held during the week can serve as a point of revival for new and effective road safety initiatives in the coming years .


The Week is coordinated by the Regional Offices (Africa , the Americas, Southeast Asia , Europe, Mediterranean , Pacific) of the United Nations and the WHO- World Health Organization (in English, WHO- World Health Organization) , supported by an Organizing Committee world .
At the national level , the Regional Offices are supported by UN Committees to which they belong "focal persons" , ie people who have been designated by their respective countries to facilitate coordination of efforts at national level.
They and the organizations to which they belong are called in the first place to organize specific events, as well as providing support for ideas , organization and awareness-raising events that other organizations , public or private , they will implement in membership of the Week .
To be able to boast of the Week logo and joining the ranks of the events that constitute it , the events - on the theme " young road users " , in all the many aspects - must be notified to the Regional Offices .
As for Italy , between the "focal persons" , as well as representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport, has been appointed Professor Andrea Costanzo , President of SOC.I.TRA.S. - Italian Society of Traumatology of the Road.


The SOC.I.TRA.S. took immediate steps to provide a concrete and effective contribution to the success of the Global Road Safety Week , knowing that you can count on the interest and dedication to this issue by all its members .
Therefore, he " alerted " because all members , on a local basis, contacting: local authorities, organizations, associations , schools, etc. . , In order to organize events, meetings , initiatives, awareness campaigns, consistent with the theme of the week , it is also recommended that initiatives may already be designed to be made ​​to fall , if possible, during the period 23 to 29 April 2007. It is not necessary that initiatives have character " macro " , it is important that they be mobilized on the interest of citizens and institutions , transferring the basic ideas mentioned by the UN and WHO as well - through the active participation Shareholders' Meeting for the medical trauma and rescue - those developed by the Company.
These local initiatives the SOC.I.TRA.S. will give an informative support and provision of data already available in the choice of themes or the procedures by which , through a specific mailbox .
A similar action is to raise awareness, along the same lines , it will be undertaken by the SOC.I.TRA.S. in a plurality of directions.


The SOC.I.TRA.S. , in collaboration with other partners, in charge of organizing an event with wide contents , articulated during the weekend of 23 and 24 April 2007. The event will be represented at the Ministry of Health , the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Interior.
They can also count on the participation of numerous other organizations in the world of health care and emergency workers, associations of road users , local authorities , bodies governed by infrastructure management, with the involvement of citizens and schools.


At a specific site of the WHO -WHO toolkit is available, in multiple languages ​​, for organizers of events, with the guidelines of the Week, the global statistical data, method of prior notification Regional Office for Europe, how communication of information to event concluded .
The SOC.I.TRA.S. proceeded to the Italian translation of the relevant parts of the English-language publication , making it freely available on this website.
You have activated the mailbox, which can be contacted through the SOC.I.TRA.S. on this specific issue.
The phone numbers are reference 06 4998 2324 06 4998 2399 .
Specific pages of this site will be dedicated to updates, news , information about events in project and program.
Still remains , however, that the only websites that provide all the information on the Week , in a complete, timely and closely related to UN - WHO, are those which refer to IBM's Official Website and the Global Organizing Committee, indicated in the top right.
Pages prepared by the SOC.I.TRA.S. are only a quick reference for companies and organizations involved , in particular the medical world, as well as for those who are not too familiar with the English language , which are normally drawn up documents UN - WHO. No liability can therefore be attributed to the content of these pages , for offices, agencies or representatives of UN and WHO.









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